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In recent years, the virtual form of business activity has notably increased, especially after the shocking pandemic COVID-19 experience in 2020. The importance of this form is growing, because the nature of the enterprises, which become a place that combines a variety of ideas, concepts, designs and technologies, are changing. This is particularly important in micro and small enterprises. The creative and entrepreneurial potential of women is a latent source of economic growth and new jobs and should be encouraged by creating favorable conditions, support facilities, and mechanisms and providing them with relevant e-training opportunities. One of the best ways to stimulate business development and personal growth is through "virtual working".

This portal is designed under Erasmus+ Programme' support and aiming to serve as a compact tool available on your laptops, PCs, and Android based mobile devices so that access to home-based entrepreneurship guiding learning as well as future entrepreneur women start-ups' direct e-training. We invite you, both future Guides and future entrepreneur women start-ups to join us to exploit the content for free.

FlexWork is structured to guide you to reach to the information you seek via user-friendly navigation channels. Please go through the ► Users' Manual ◄ for familiarizing yourself with the FlexWork structure, before proceeding.

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How did you find us?

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