Module Description
1. What is Virtual Guiding, Differences from Mentoring
1.1. Mentoring Principles
1.2. “Virtual Guiding” the Same main Principles
1.3. Mentoring 2.0
2. Working Virtually…
3. Necessary Skills for Working Virtually
4. The Benefits of Starting their own Business for Women from Home
5. Basic Stages of Start-up Process at Home
5.1. Configuring the Workspace
5.2. What are the Top Five Things to Keep in Mind when Setting up a Home Office?
5.3. How Can you Set up an Office to Take Advantage of the "Green" Mindset?
5.4. How Would you Summarize the Concept of Home Office Design?
6. How to Reach Startups Women who are Working at Home
6.1. Virtual jobs Platforms
6.2. Other Areas where to Find Virtual Workers
6.3. Work-From-Home-Friendly Firms
7. Developing plan for working virtually
7.1. What companies can I contact to present my services?
7.2. What is my Work Style?
7.3. Time to Edit my Curriculum!
7.4. Am I Ready for a Virtual Job Interview?

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