Module Description
1. Basic Concepts of Virtual Assistant
1.1. Who is a Virtual Employer
1.2. Who is a Virtual Employee?
1.3. Who is a Virtual Assistance?
1.4. Differences Between Virtual Assistant and Virtual Employee
1.5. What Servıces Can Offer a Vırtual Assistant?
1.6. Benefits of Working With a Virtual Assistant for the Stakeholders – Clients
2. Virtual Personal Assistant Secretary
2.1. What is Virtual Personal Assistant Secretarial Work
2.2. Who is a Virtual Assistant Secretary?
2.3. What does a Virtual Personal Assistant Secretary do?
3. Getting Started from Home
3.1. Virtual Personal Assistant Secretaries Tasks
3.2. Relevant Set of Hard Skills
3.3. Relevant Set of Soft Skills- Self-Assessment
3.4. What Types of Equipment Need to Become a Virtual Personal Assistant Secretary
4. Finding Potential Job Opportunities
4.1. How to Find Potential Clients

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