Module Description
1. Who is a Social Media Manager?
1.1. Tasks
1.2. Other Job Position Names
1.3. Qualifications and Experience
2. What does a Social Media Manager do?
2.1. Tasks
2.2. Social Media Marketing Plan
3. How to Become a Social Media Manager?
3.1. How to Become Successful SMM?
4. Necessary Skills for SMM
4.1. Expected Character Features and Soft Skills
4.2. Expected Hard Skills
5. How to Find Clients and how to Work for Them?
5.1. Types of Clients
6. Creating Social Media Accounts, Using Social Networking
6.1. The Power of Social Media Accounts
6.2. Where to Start?
6.3. Content Creation Tools
6.4. Social Media Editorial Calendars
6.5. Types of Users/Followers on Social Media
7. Social Media Follow Up
8. Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

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