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1. Which role are you expected to perform as a start-up in the relationship with your guide?

a) Intermediator
b) Student/apprentice
c) Leader
d) Expert

2. If you disagree with your guide you should:

a) Impose your position
b) Act as if nothing has happened
c) Interrupt the ralationship
d) Discuss your position directly with her

3. Which of the below mentioned is a basic concept of home-office?

a) Having much money
b) Having 30 square meters of working space available
c) Having appropriate equipment and technology
d) Working 24/7

4. What is a characteristic of the successful start up-guide relationship?

a) Open dialogue
b) Jocularity
c) Boredom
d) Indefiniteness

5. “Curiosity” in the start up-guide relationship is:

a) A willingness to know everything about a guide’s private life
b) Asking questions non related to the start up-guide relationship
c) Being genuinely interested in how a person makes sense of the world and where that person wants to go
d) Synonymous of courage

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