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You have enrolled yourself for Self Evaluation (Perception Assessment) Test for your "Start-up Training Part II - Costs, Risks & Benefits, Basic Virtual Soft Skills" Module. Here are the questions to assess yourself. Results will be made known only to you and our project's assessors, who will keep all your information and results at utmost confidential and never share them with third parties.

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1. Preliminary market research does not include the following:

a) Checking raw material and other material resources, supply and price status
b) Reviewing other resources needed for production
c) Determining your customer base
d) Determining Sales Price

2. Which of the following does not cover “start-up procedures”:

a) The salary of owner/manager
b) Obtain necessary permits
c) Obtain necessary licenses
d) Complete all inscriptions, verifications, and notifications

3. Which of the following are ongoing expenditures?

a) Deposits with public utilities
b) Legal and other professional fees
c) Registration fees, signage
d) Payroll taxes or self-employment tax

4. When you are hired by employer which of the following would you benefit from?

a) I am exempt from income tax
b) I get my rights in accordance with pension scheme
c) I can make my hourly or flat rate selections according to the job I get
d) I can benefit from vacation and illness payments

5. Which of the following is not online specific costs?

a) Online costs
b) Website design/branding costs
c) Opportunity cost
d) Domain name cost

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