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1. Mentoring and Guiding have been affected by the advances in technology:

a) Yes
b) Sometimes
c) Only among young people
d) No

2. One of the following statement is NOT a virtual working concept:

a) Use of video
b) Discover the ideal work environment
c) Configuration of the workspace
d) Inconstant schedule

3. To develop the basic stages of the startup process at home is necessary to think of configuring the workspace:

a) Always
b) Depending on the home office
c) Only when you live with more people
d) Never

4. One of the most common mistakes startups make when setting up a home office is:

a) Adequate storage components
b) Lot of space for reference materials and filing documentation
c) Slow and inefficient computer equipment
d) Adequate management of the wireless network

5. Which statement is NOT TRUE regarding the lighting for the home office?

a) If the lighting levels are too low, there can be negative sychological effects, including depression
b) The best is yellow lighting, which is in the middle of the colour progression from cold to warm
c) It is advisable to place the ceiling lighting directly on top of the computer screens
d) The most critical factor with lighting is the ability to control its brightness and intensity

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