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1. Social Media Manager does NOT take care of:

a) Marketing
b) Advertising
c) Financial analysis
d) Administration

2. Which is NOT the first step to identify the proper platform for communication with your customers?

a) Analyze which platform matches your customers
b) Find out what age are your customers
c) Check what content you want to present and which platform gives you the best options for doing it
d) Choose a platform that is most popular at that moment

3. A SMM should:

a) Demonstrate creativity and concentration in social media
b) Have good technical skills, know new tools, applications and programmes
c) Have very good writing and language skills and the ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and video form
d) All of the above

4. What is NOT a good practice of posting to obtain the best results?

a) Checking current research online what are the best time to post
b) Picking the day and time after I analyze when my receivers/customers are online
c) Using analytics or insights tools to find out who my customers are
d) Posting only when I am at work (or my company is open), and only what is also available on website

5. Which of the following isn’t necessary in SMM’s everyday work?

a) Usage of hashtag (#)
b) Usage of editorial calendars
c) Usage of content creation tools
d) Programming knowledge

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