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1. What types of forms web marketing includes?

a) Television
b) Public article
c) Social media
d) Radio

2. What doesn´t a web marketer do?

a) Creating and delivering email campaigns
b) Optimizing content on the web
c) Updating social media platforms
d) Sells the product directly to the public

3. Which marketing strategy used belongs to the field of web marketing?

a) Internet strategy
b) Building personal relationships with customers
c) Personal sales strategy
d) Sales strategy in stone shops

4. Which of the following sentences is false as a necessary skills for web marketer?

a) Ability to motivate salespeople to sale
b) Strong overall communication skills
c) Strong understanding of marketing
d) Digital advertising experience

5. Which of the following definition is false to develop and implement marketing plan?

a) The plan should include a schedule of key tasks
b) The marketing plan contains only a few necessary information
c) Must be describe each step required to make sure that it happens
d) Marketing plan should assess what resources of propagation you need

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